Market introduction2021-05-07T11:23:59+02:00

After a positive outcome of the proposition analysis, we help you get started on the Italian market. Together with your team in the Netherlands, we make an implementation plan. We determine together what it takes to get started and then we just do it!

Implementation plan2021-05-07T11:24:17+02:00

We include the following elements in our approach

  • Website, content & tracking
  • Shipping & payment process
  • Customer service, email automatization, social media services
  • Campaign set-up & social media
  • Support for Dutch colleagues in setting up

On average, with our accumulated experience, we can realize a full implementation in 1 quarter.


Italian customers can now buy your product and use enjoy the good service that comes with it. The project organization will be transferred to the Italian online team who will run the day-to-day business from now on.

Ready to get started? We are ready to jointly develop a suitable plan to conquer the Italian market!



Running the business